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  • Sami Asgher

Spires Scoop- Website Designers Note

Hello my name is Sami Asgher, I have always wanted to create a website ever since I had learnt how to use a computer in Year 2. It has always been my ambition and dream to create, develop and publish a website and this year I have been fortunate enough to be able to publish my first finished website for the Spires Scoop. After months of website designing, the Spires Scoop team and I have seen the website grow and develop from a blank page to a marvellous website, with a unique design.

I would like to thank The Spires Scoop team, Ms Blake, Ms Dunphy and the English team for your help and support.

So, look forward to see how the Spires Scoop website grows and develops through the academic year.

Thanks, Sami Asgher (Website Developer)


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