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The Spires Scoop - New reCaptcha

The Spires Scoop team are continuously working on improving the user interface and the practicality of the site. To improve user experience, we have added a reCaptcha option to our 'sign up to updates' option.

NOTE: The sign to email updates is not available on the mobile edition of The Spires Scoop, to sign up please use the website on desktop for now.

What is reCAPTCHA and how does it work?

Whenever you sign up to the email campaign updates, the lightbox will feature a reCaptcha option to help remove any spam. This reCaptcha has been embedded into the signing up form, to prevent any spam. The reCaptcha helps authenticate users when signing up; a decision as to whether the submission of the form was completed by a human or AI.

How can I sign up to The Spires Scoop email campaign?

It's simple. Sign up to the email service and never miss an update. As soon as our wonderful articles are posted, you will be updated with a notification/email in your inbox. Here's a quick guide on how to sign up.

1. Visit The Spires Scoop website at

The website looks like this:

2. Click on the button 'sign up for updates'

Hover over the 'sign up for updates' button. The button should change colour once hovered over. Simply click on the button.

3. Wait a few seconds... Here's the form. Simple.

Complete the form. Make sure to use an active email. Also, remember to complete the Captcha. Once the form has been filled out, click submit.

4 and TIP - Remember to complete the Captcha

Remember the Captcha. Your form submission will not be accepted if you haven't completed the Captcha. The CAPTCHA used, is user accessible. As part of tailoring our user interface to suite many situations, Captcha also allows for audio captcha too! Just click on the headphones icon for audio enables Captcha.

Once the Captcha has been verified and completed, click submit. The form will provide a prompt, this will inform you if the submission has been completed or not! Once completed, click close to return to the site.

There it is. A simple guide to CAPTCHA on The Spires Scoop website.

UPDATE- Here's what to expect from the campaign.


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