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Please read till the end, this article shares so many memories!

Students walked out of the OSA purple gates as school ended for Year 11 students. It was weird, knowing that School had ended without any exams, or at least without any final exams. Teachers and students applauded for the Year 11's and 13's as they walked out of the gates, students not being able to grasp what had happened. We had made History for sure.

Shirts were signed all throughout the day, as students wished farewell to each other to prepare for a 5 month break. For some, this was the last day they would wave goodbye to the Teachers and students, their last farewell after studying at OSA since Year 7. For others, this was only the start of a new journey, as they embrace what will come; whether it be College or Sixth Form. We can all agree that for sure, this was a day to remember. Memories were made here, so were friends. Many further developed their passion and hobbies through extracurricular activities.

Selfies were taken, as students tried to utilise their time in remembering each other. Students explored the buildings, remembering how everything started; how they'd run around the corridors (even though they shouldn't have ;) ), or how they played football together on the field. Students tried to bring back the memories, such as Tutor Time activities, fun and jokes. Students tried to recall their fond memories of House Events and Sports Day.

Memories were shared with one another, as we embrace the last day together as a whole year, well, until Prom ;) .

I'm sure we can all admit, we remember the first day. Walking into the Theatre as our heads pivot towards the top, trying to search for distinguished faces from our old Primary School. Wondering what will happen next, excited about starting a new adventure, a new chapter to our lives. Handshakes were exchanged as students introduced themselves to each other, not knowing how well we'd know each other in the coming years.

I'm sure we can all remember the first speech given by Ms Croft, students throughout the hall waiting eagerly to explore the school. Students motivated by the speech, really embracing the House System and the Uniform. The school seemed to be so large, as if it could last miles on end as we toured around; it was an unforgettable feeling.

I'm sure we can all remember our first Science lessons, how amazing it was to study in Science Labs, with gas taps, Bunsen Burners, and Goggles! Or how we used filtration techniques using Chromatography, experimenting with different chemicals.

I'm sure we can all remember our first Music lessons and I.C.T lessons, using the Macs and the Computers, using well developed technology; equipment that actually worked.

Design & Technology was incredible, all of the projects we had created, including Aeroplane Launchers, WW1 inspired Wooden boxes, Wired speakers and steady hand games. Wow.

What about Cross Country in PE, oh how we all loved Cross Country, sprinting at the start and finishing with aching legs 🤣. What about Dodge ball, all of the Year 7's excited to compete against each other, a sign of team spirit. An activity where students were able to find out more about each other.

Remember end of term Assemblies, where half colours would be issued for extracurricular events that students participated in. How we'd sit down eagerly listening, waiting for our names to be called out.

I remember running a Coding Club alongside my best acquaintances, it was great. I also remember joining the Spires Scoop, three academic years ago; but that's a whole new story.

There are countless memories, but this article needs an end.

It's been great knowing all of you. We had a pretty crazy ending in the Enterprise Suite, but it's been a fun packed five Academic years knowing you crazy guys! ;)

Thank you to all of the marvellous Teachers who have supported us, throughout the five years.

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Sami A

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