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How local communities are helping one another

At a time when food and essential products are near to impossible to find in Supermarkets, we wonder as to how we'll have enough to keep us going; especially during times when we may spend quite some time at home.

Supply just doesn't seem to meet the exceeding demands of consumers, who continue to search for essentials which seem exceedingly difficult to purchase.

Then we realise just how difficult finding food and other items are for vulnerable families, and we ponder. How are communities and individuals helping each other?

How communities and individuals are helping one another

Many School students and their families, rely on School meals provided by the Government as a source of nutrition and food to fuel Students throughout the day. However, with Schools closing gates to many (not all) students, due to COVID19, many families who rely on School meals were worried as to how they'd suffice with the changes.

So... Here's where communities are saving the day! :)

Communities, organisations and several Schools are stocking up on long lasting foods to help support vulnerable families, enabling them to have enough food to help them during difficult times, such as being in self-isolation. Several Schools such as Oxford Spires Academy are purchasing foods, alongside the help from businesses, families and donations.

Staff are helping to purchase and deliver foods to the families of vulnerable students.

Thank you to the wonderful community, businesses and Schools who help those who are in difficult situations, you are the heroes of our communities. 👍

Continue to have a positive mindset! We have marvellous individuals and groups in our communities who help make everything so much better; it's so reassuring ;)

If you'd like to help and are part of the Oxfordshire community, here's a link for more info: -> Oxford Together Form link

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