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Tesla Cyber truck - The DeLorean re-invented?!

With the release of Tesla’s new ‘cyber truck’ the crowd went wild, a brand new Tesla in development.With more efficient battery life and the ability to transport large heavy goods, there was nothing but hype. A new Tesla bringing new advancements to the technology and automotive industry, but there was something special about this Tesla, unlike any else, bullet-proofing. Built in bullet-proofing in a Tesla at a very generous price of $40,000 (in comparison to the extortionately priced Model X, S, 3 and the upcoming Model Y.

For bullet-proofing to be featured as a unique selling point, for the set price, the concept was flawless at such a reasonable price, until… the live demonstration when Tesla’s head of design, Franz Von Holzhausen attempted to demonstrate the bullet-proofing capabilities, by throwing a metal ball at the front window and passengers seat, both pieces of glass shattering, unable to withstand the durability of the bulletproof glass.

BBC reports that ‘On Friday Tesla’s share price dived by 6%, slashing Mr Musk’s personal net worth by $768m (£598m) in a single day, according to Forbes’. This demonstration, as expected, resulted in a loss of £598m, clearly shattering Mr Musk’s personal net worth.

Despite the failure to demonstrate the features of the Cyber truck, Mr Musk successfully managed to achieve an order of 146,000 Cybertruck orders, despite the failure, 3 days prior to the failure of the event.

A Well-known influential Youtube channel, ‘What’s inside’ seemed to be keen on a new Tesla to add to their previous collection which has consisted of the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

Gadget technician, tech reviewer and engineer, JerryRigEverything, also seems to be keen on the new Tesla Cyber truck. In the video in collaboration with ‘What’s Inside’, Jerry commented how the Tesla was cheaper than his 2017 Toyota Tacoma, a more ‘practical’, hard wearing, rugged truck; which could pose a threat to the Tesla Cybertruck, as well as the Ford Ranger, a keen competitor in the truck 4x4 industry.

YouTube influencer, MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) commented on how keen he is to purchase the Cybertruck, how this new design is a breakthrough in innovative ideas for tech and a follow up to more ground-breaking vehicles to come. I do hope that other car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, The Land Rover Company, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen follow suite; all manufacturing companies have produced outstanding concept cars, but for the concept to become a reality requires taking risks and having confidence in your idea.

Following the release of the new Tesla, BBC published an article discussing how the Tesla Cybertruck was almost ‘a Hummer for millennials’, which linked with the vast amounts of criticism and comments the Tesla revealed.

Many consumers made comparisons to other vehicles, or perhaps vehicles that would have suited videogames or movies; such as the comparison between Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine, from Back To The Future, and Elon Musk’s Cyber Truck.

This started to make me ponder, are the two that comparable? I think it’s fair to say that both do have futuristic designs, DeLorean with the falcon wing doors (primarily adopted by Tesla and Lamborghini) and Tesla with this boxy, Minecraft like vehicle. I must say, I’m sure we can all agree, for the truck to become a reality in only a feat a few can conquer. Tesla are advanced in their Auto Pilot software and large displays, which add to the futuristic feel.

Whilst DeLorean features a more aesthetically pleasing design, with a sportier, sleek design; Cyber Truck features a more box like design, with what appears to be Xenon lights, robust alloy wheels and bulky tires with deep treads for extra grip; a vehicle that would be featured in a 2050 sci-fi movie of some sort.

So can we compare the two vehicles? Are they really comparable?

From a technological point of view, yes. Both vehicles are advanced for the time period they originate from, both vehicles have certain features (mentioned previously, such as Falcon Wing Doors) that will most likely be further adopted in design in the future.

From aesthetics and purpose, definitely no. We must remember that the Tesla Cyber truck serves a different purpose to DeLorean. DeLorean was a concept car designed for the Back To The Future film, whilst it has inspired car manufacturers to follow suit, It served its purpose as a film set car. The Cyber Truck is Tesla’s approach to enter the pickup truck industry, to open up to a new marketing audience, to widen their target market audience, and inevitably to earn more profit and expand.

How comparable is the DeLorean and Cyber Truck? You decide!

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