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  • Edie

Open Evening - A Success!

Although quieter than usual, at this year’s open evening, we provided the same energy and professionalism that we never fail to achieve. The year sevens and sixth formers charmed our guests as guides, and the rest of us presented every subject at its very best angle. While attempting to find my big scoop, I was shocked to come across a lot of ideas only introduced this year. It’s refreshing to see new ideas being brought to life by the students. As well as two thought provoking assemblies held by Miss Blake, a table of free brownies and an interactive English reading from Miss Bloom’s class, we also saw Miss McGrath’s inner dancer come out as she lead a dance group in the drama rooms.

Overall, the night was inevitably a success, thanks to the management of the teachers, and the enthusiasm of the students, an elite combination, that this school never fails to excel in. And even if I’m a little biased, take it from one of our guests and upcoming students, who described the night as “amazing”.

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