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Thank you to two great English teachers Ms Hartigan & Mr Archibald, both of these outstanding teachers are leaving us, setting out on their own adventure.

Mr Archibald is teaching in Japan and hopes to have connections with The Spires Scoop, hoping to create a Spires Scoop of Japan.

Miss Hartigan is moving to a new School, ready to innovate and inspire students. Do tell them about how great 10X1 was please! :) (We were the best class!)

Both Miss Hartigan and Mr Archibald helped develop The Spires Scoop. Miss Hartigan helped Edie (the Editor) to set up the club, it began as a printed newspaper, but moved on to be a website. Btw, the old newspapers will be scanned and uploaded here soon, please do keep an eye on the website.

Mr Archibald helped us with the BBC School Report, which was immense fun!

The Spires Scoop has been great fun over the last couple of years!

(Wait. You guys did see this right? Well, I hope so anyway) :)

Best of luck, Sami and The Spires Scoop team.

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