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  • Anton

Have we given too much control to AI's? Machine learning too far? Let's see...

Have you got no one to talk to when you are home alone and you are just really bored? Well computer people have managed to create an AI that analyses millions of sentences. It has learnt how to be able to formulate and to understand proper sentences and not just Alexa or Siri commands. An example of this is the new extension of google assistant called google duplex which has the voice and sighs and lip sounds of a real person so it is able to take calls for you and book a restaurant without you having to do it.

It would also be useful to just have a chat with because it no longer sounds like a demented robot but more like a person who is trapped in an electronic device and there would be less of it saying “sorry I cannot perform this action”. Unfortunately, it does not exactly understand every sentence yet but it understands a wider range of commands than before.

There have also been other attempts to get AIs talking like normal people by Facebook. Unfortunately, the robots managed to create their own language which was impossible for the creators to interpret and another one got very rude. If you want to know about that read my friend’s article.

Well, anyway, at this rate we will be having some conscious robots walking around town in about 70 yrs. This may sound like a bit too long away to you but even though AIs can take calls now they are nowhere near understanding the importance of the human life or animal life. So you will still have to wait a while until you can have a robotic housemaid running around.


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