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Skills I’ve learnt working with a Digital Start-up

April 25, 2019




The Team

Having the privileged opportunity of working at Global Academy Jobs has been
a real treat! Not only have the team been extremely encouraging and friendly,
they’ve helped me to acquire skills to take into the nearby future. Here at
Global Academy Jobs I have learnt how to use applications such as Hootsuite,
to cross post on multiple Social Medias, as skill which comes in handy in this
day in era, where social media is contributing more and more to an online




Acquired Skills from Work Experience

However it doesn’t end here. I have also learnt how Social Media Marketing
functions, how much time and effort is spent into perfecting different ratios for
different social medias and how content marketing works.

In terms content marketing, alongside the very helpful assistance of Gareth,
we managed to perfect our post for the social medias. After several attempts
in trying to find a crisp, well-balanced contrast image we finally found the right

Check the image out down below! Looks good doesn’t it!



Social Medias

To add onto all of the wonderful skills I’ve learnt during my one week time
period here, I learnt how to use and post on social Medias such as Twitter and
Facebook. A key element of posting on social medias is the hashtags you use, I
researched for hashtags, which ones are appropriate for different jobs.
Researching for finding communities on social media is one of the many key
elements for SMO (Social Media Optimisation), which is increasingly on the
trend, it could even be more popular than SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in
the near future, not yet though.

Job Approvals

On a day to day basis, job approvals were always first on the task. On the first
day, job approvals were difficult, categorising the different jobs wasn’t a piece
of cake, especially when you’re reading through jobs like ‘Theoretical Nano-
photonics’. Robert thoroughly helped me out with getting started with job
approvals and the fundamentals of posting them, rules such as indentation,
bullet pointing, form and structure, hyperlinking (I’m sure I’m not the only one
who forgets this one!). The team often helped me with reviewing the
approvals when unsure.

What I like about Global Academy Jobs.

I treasure the flexibility this workplace provides, such as having lunch
whenever you want through the day. Many people skip pass this one, but
personally I believe it pays a large role into how motivated you are. Different
people work to their maximum abilities at different times of the day. With
flexible lunch break times, it means that you can structure your day and find
out what time works for you!

The working environment at Global Academy Jobs is a pleasure to work in;
except when a lost pigeon comes through the half-ajar window and starts
flying around everywhere!

To wrap it up, the experience that I’ve had here with Global Academy Jobs has
been unforgettable, the friendly staff (they’re so inviting and always ready to
help), the skills that I’ve learnt, and as a whole learning how life is at work. I
would definitely recommend Global Academy Jobs to anyone who needs a
placement for their work experience.



Thank you for your hospitality,
Wendy, Robert, Gareth, J, Rehana, Beth and Steve





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