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Join Florence Park FC

February 1, 2019


What is it?



Florence Park FC is a local football team that desperately need better players and tactics. Unfortunately, I am only writing about under 12s. This means that only year sevens can join, but there are still other teams such as under 13s, under 14s, the list goes on.


Where is it?



You can join this team by coming to Oxford Academy School on a Tuesday evening. Usually, training is 6 until 7, so come at that time and you will be allowed to take part in training. We always train on the 3G pitch, which is through the main building, carry on through the double doors and walk down the path. After that, go down the hill and walk through the gates. We play matches on Sundays but you will find out the location at training. Ask where the under 12s are and run over to us. Tell either the manager Yohann or the coach Rob that you want to join and they will let you join in. Yohann will talk to you at the end of the session to ask if you want to stay or leave.


What are the prices?



You have to pay £110 at the start of the season but if you join halfway through the season, then you only pay £55. The kit is included in the price. If you do decide to join Florence Park, then I hope to see you there!

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