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February 1, 2019




What if I told you that you have been lied to for all your life? You probably have all been told that the great peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on the planet. But what if I told you that it technically is not the fastest but that its record is actually just for it falling out of the air. So you could just drop a brick and you could break the record without a real problem. But the real record breaker is the swift which can power itself to speeds of 111.6 KMH with its own power (not gravity).


Also what is the longest jumping animal? Of course it is the kangaroo. Well no. It is actually the snow leopard which can jump up to 17 metres far compared to the kangaroos puny 15 metres. But obviously nobody cares about the master of the mountains but just about some animals with big legs and belly bags.


The cheetah. This is technically the fastest land animal but only for a maximum of about 1km at 110km/h. so yes it is very fast but have you heard of the pronghorn which can run at 98 km/h for about 32km which would add up to be faster. Weirdly even though the North American “prongbuck” looks a lot like the well-known African antelopes it is actually in its own animal family called Antilocapridae.


So now you can prove your friends wrong about animals if you are an animal nerd!


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