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2019 Gaming looks interesting, here's why!

February 1, 2019



So far, if you have read my previous article about PS4 beating Xbox in 2018, then you know that I talked about some games coming soon, more specifically in 2019. Some time has passed, and now we know about more games coming- both exclusives and standard releases. Whether they are remakes/remasters, new IPs or successful sequels, each game will get recognition by some fans. Here are some games that caught our eyes:


The Last of Us Part 2


This game is the sequel to the 2013 masterpiece which used to be the number one game until God of War came out this year. Its predecessor had a great story about the world falling under a fungi that takes control of your brain and rots your outsides. The combat isn’t too bad, with some rough inventory management and creative crafting and graphics so beautiful that games that come out this year can’t even challenge this masterpiece. However, we haven’t learned much about this since the 2018 E3 demo so, if you want to learn about it, read this: .




First of all, no this game isn’t about singing and guessing every country’s anthem. It will, however, be the first good EA game (let’s not mention the f word). This one is about some awesome space suits with different cool abilities, powerful guns and an alien planet: the ingredients for an 80’s-esque game that will fill many FPS gamers’ hearts with joy.

Crackdown 3

This game is the great contender for Xbox in 2019. It has the great Old Spice commercial legend, Terry Crews voicing your character. This game has great potential, being the third instalment of the explosive franchise. You can practically destroy the whole entire city with a single rocket launcher, turn your automobile into a tank and leap higher than superman ever did. This game should be out in 15th February exclusively for Xbox gamers.


Days Gone


This game is the zombie game that will actually freak you out when thinking about a fast zombie type apocalypse. These zombies are like a pack of wolves: super-fast and in packs (when I mean packs I mean around 500 at once). So far, the gameplay footage show off that it is a proper survival game with crafting like The Last of Us but a story truly its own.



Devil May Cry 5


This game is back at it again with the awesome “demon-killing with demon-powers” formula. Last time you played as Nero, the young apprentice of Dante (I think) and he had a demonic hand that provided such bloody cool abilities: this time he’s lost that hand and replaced it with a robotic hand so will have both awesome mechanical and satanic power moves. Considering I’m not an OG fan like others, this information is pretty interesting and new to me. I bet there is a lot to await in this game even if you are new to the franchise.


Ghost of Tsushima


This third person “slash-em up” is set in the times of feudal Japan and you play as a once noble samurai until the day his whole family gets murdered by an opposite kingdom.Now, this samurai has converted into a killing machine. So far this and the beautiful, realistic graphics sprinkled with super realistic blood effects (which are registered to land in the exact area they would if they were outside your screen), are probably such good news you’d forget about BREXIT and Trump!



Cyberpunk 2077


A MMO-RPG first person with different outcomes and choices? I might as well give you my college funds. So far, the formulae isn’t even complete, it is:

-based in the future (yes that means cybernetic powers will be in this game),

-full of surprisingly great shooting (but the developers want the players to be more up close and personal than hidden behind cover)

-possible to customise characters

-packed with skill trees that will even make the Sims jealous.

This game is even including great driving mechanics that may compete with ‘Forza Horizon’ and ‘Need for Speed’.


Dying Light 2


This game is probably the game I’m most excited about. Not because of the awesome, more skill-using, blood-pumping, tactical-thinking, satisfying melee combat but because of the free choice you get with the story. Let me explain. Your choices impact how the world around you changes, how your faction reacts, how strong your enemies are and many more things that will probably take me another paragraph to finish talking about. Not only this, the character you play as seems to be customizable and much more interesting than that dumb, boring, uninteresting Kyle Crane that responded so seriously but did the dumbest things.


Halo: Infinite


By the way, I might be wrong as I am not a huge fan of Halo and only played Halo 3. This game will be revolutionary for many fans: classical fans, new fans, and multiplayer and single player fans and even non-shooter fans. So far, all we know is that this game will look amazing (like always) and it’ll include multiplayer, a story about a master chief coming back and umm, that’s it.



Doom Eternal


This second demon-slaying game coming in 2019 is also a sequel but this sequel will be bloodier, gorier and have more body dissembling, head crunching, bloody disembowelling action. This game will even include proper melee combat instead of its quick punch. It will feature weapons like that epic light axe to help you chop the demons up like sushi and some photos show off that you may get to explore the outsides instead of the constant magma lava field.


Beyond Good and Evil 2


You do not have to play the first one to play this one. The premise of being a space pirate with advanced technology and the ability to travel between planets without any loading screen is a reason for me to throw my wallet at Ubisoft. This game’s predecessor was released around 2005. It has taken 14 years for them to make a sequel and the story may be not be the same but there’s the possibility of a more intriguing story and the possibility to design your character- ever wanted to be a talking animal?


Metro Exodus


As the third game in the franchise, it moves into the wild outside from the inside sewers with evolved and mutated animals. I really hope they can spray acid out of their mouth (if they can’t then it’s good to dream). They are also introducing makeshift weapons, a day and night cycle with a weather changing system making the world more organic and realistic. All things which seem to help with winning game of the year awards.


Mortal Kombat 11


This revolutionary instalment in the fighting game is a great addition to the franchise. The trailer already gives us a treat with the gory blood spilling fighting, decapitating a disembowelled body and electrocuting a head until it becomes a fountain of blood. These are fatalities we will most likely see in the actual game. This game will also include custom variations. If you didn’t play the previous game, variations are different sets of abilities and play styles for players to use. Now, we can play around with the options and this gives my favourite part of games more prominence. Another addition that is going to be added are weapons. Weapons are going to be apparently the main customization when it comes to damage dealt and health gained. Another thing they are going to add is a mix of the skin customization from MKX and gear system from Injustice 2. Apart from that, I’m the one who is most likely to pre-order this game with all my family’s visa cards.Wow! Time to breathe. That’s 2019’s potential game of the years all wrapped up. Will I do this for 2020? If I remember…





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