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Marvel’s Spiderman VS Batman Arkham Knight

November 15, 2018


As you know, these two games are both amazing and quite new. They are fairly similar as Spiderman can swing on web and Batman can grapple up buildings. This article will review both games to see their strengths and weaknesses.  





As you can probably tell, fighting is essential in both these games. I would say that Spiderman’s attacks are more acrobatic while Batman’s are more powerful. Both characters can do stealth attacks and they both do the same amount of damage. I think that for fighting, it is a draw. 




It’s good if you can fight, but you need a heroic way to travel- no walking here! Spiderman can web swing across New York which gets him to places quickly, a major advantage over Batman as he doesn’t have a super power. Batman, although he has no super power, still has a classy way to travel: you can summon the batmobile. You can drive the batmobile all around Gotham if you want to. Although web swinging is cool: Batman has won this round. 




Stealth is essential when combatting evil and both games allow you to hone your skills.  You can stand on a ledges and target enemies. You then jump on them to show them crime never pays (unless you’re robbing banks). The suits are important here as they can help you camouflage into the background and be more stealthy. Batman has a black and grey suit which means he can blend into the darkness. Spiderman has a bright red and blue suit, which stands out day or night. You can make black spider suits if you go onto the store and use your crime tokens wisely. If you have equipped the black suit, then you can blend into darkness just like Batman. So once again, it is a draw.  


Adding up the points. 


So now we have come to the final paragraph. It’s time to add up the points we have been giving. The final score is 5-3 to Batman. Even though he is not a proper superhero, as he has no super power, he is still cool in his own way. 


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