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Top Tips for Year 7

September 21, 2018


Hi there Year 6s or shall I say year 7s considering you’ve already arrived at this school. Now you may be terrified or shy or whatever about coming here but don’t worry, that’s why I am writing this: to help you try to survive your first year here. Who knows, maybe you’ll be doing the same for next year’s year 7s.


Work isn’t that bad.


The number one thing all of you are probably afraid of is the difficulty of the work and the amount of it. But to be completely honest the work is just going over the things you learned in primary school picking up some new knowledge along the way. The work amount will be overwhelming at first but you will soon learn to manage this and develop new working habits. Homework will definitely increase from your regular amount so I recommend doing one large piece of homework (not including term-based projects like from humanities) or 2 very small and easy pieces of homework every day. However, revision for tests (which you should focus on when it comes to end of year tests) should last 3 days very close to the test date.


Class Swaps


Now that you will have around 10 classes, all your friends won’t take part in every class. Of course some of your primary schools already do this so there isn’t much to worry about (except the fact the school is enormous) but for those who don’t have this you will have to slowly start to remember which lessons you have next, or have a friend who does, as getting to next class will have to be quick otherwise you will get warnings. I have a unique way of remembering: I made a new word for the days timetable using the first letter of each subject. So, let’s say you have Maths, then Drama, then Science, then English and finally PE you would spell it out as MDSEP and keep saying that weird word.


Teachers are kind even if they seem mean


Another thing that you may be worried about is how strict the teachers are. They are not as bad as the stereotypical maniacs movies show off but they can get mad at you when you are doing something wrong. Examples mainly list things like not listening, talking over the teacher, saying you are bored even though you haven’t done anything (Mr Archibald was here) etc. Everyone will have a bad day at least once so don’t expect to not get told off. Most of the time if you respect the teacher you get respected (unless they’re having a bad day).


Extracurricular Activities


This school has too many clubs to even count, there are clubs at lunch, after school and sometimes if you have sport events, you’ll miss lessons (and we all know that is a huge relief). If you try to join and participate in each club at least once, it’ll take you the whole year and a half. With new clubs being added every year and even every term, you’ll find a club you will enjoy (like Spires Scoop, every Thursday afterschool in BICT 3). They are a great way to explore your interests, meet new friends but if you need more persuasion to join one then you’ll gain extra house points which will turn into proper prizes! Do make use of all the amazing opportunities on offer at Spires.

Have a great first term and even if things aren’t going exactly too plan just ask for some help. There will always be someone who knows what to do.



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