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Has PS4 finally Xecuted Xbox in 2018?

July 10, 2018



But why you may ask. Because of the exclusives in 2018. Xbox is also releasing some exclusives this year but will they be as impactful as the Sony’s exclusives? Probably not, but Xbox will put up a fight against PlayStation with Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and etc. There are quite a handful of Xbox exclusives such as Crackdown 3 yet quite frankly no one will care about the rest like Darwin Project which is just a mediocre copy of Fortnite.

With E3 (the biggest gaming convention in the world) happening and soon finishing, it announced a butt-load of games from Xbox exclusives like Halo: Infinite, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Gears of War 5, Fallout 76 and etc, to Sony talking about the non-released games and going in deeper. But any Xbox exclusives that got announced will most likely come out next year or beyond so I’ll not be talking about them in this article.


Round one: Already released games.


The titles that are the PS4 exclusives include: God of War, the amazing addition to the gruesome god-brutalising franchise where you play as Kratos but in the new game you play as a wiser Kratos who also is a father who wants to leave his blood-spilling past back in Greece. With the stunning visuals (including Kratos’ new beautiful beard) and shocking moments which will both hype fans of the older games and surprise new arrivals. Another example would be Detroit: Become Human, the game where each choice you make alters the future in this game, players will rarely have the same experience as anyone else (unless they play the same way as their favourite gaming YouTuber) and the characters are intriguing each having a story about different things yet you still wish they will meet each other.

This game will make you decide whether you are on the side of the androids (robots) or humans. Alright enough with the last year’s champion, now let’s see what the opposing side have. First we have State of Decay 2, the zombie sequel most fans wanted, it had more of a realistic feel from the gorgeous scenery to the gameplay mechanics. Its characters seem to have interesting backstories and each one are a pro at certain things from strength to endurance and etc, and some are bad at them. Another game would be Sea of Thieves, even though I’m not a pro at this game I still know a few things such as the DLC is a huge amount of fun especially with friends (which I don’t have) and from the battling skeletons and other players to sailing the seven seas it’s both a pleasure for our fingertips and eyes. So our contestants have pulled their punches and the winner is…..



Round 2: Coming soon games.


So far PS4 has one win and if it wins this round it wins in general so first up is Spiderman. This game is something every single person and their mother waited for, its developers apparently said its web swinging is better than Spiderman 2 (the game everyone loves because of the fantastic swinging) and its combat style is a lot like the Batman Arkham games but faster, smoother and webbier. So far from its trailers and early demos it IS the best Spiderman game and by the way the story will be great considering it is 8 years after the web-head discovered his powers. Another game which will want to make gamers waste up their money is The Last of Us 2. From the recent early demo at E3 it showed off Ellie 5 years after the end of the last game with her being 110% more badass than the last time we saw her. With the early demo as our only use and source of the brilliance the game will deliver, we are proud to say welcome home to everything from the outstanding realistic gore and graphics to the movie-like mechanics, this will be the game to convince PCers to switch to console. Now for the opposing side we have Xbox. Its first heavy hitter is well none. Xbox won’t be having another exclusive till 2019 and even if there will be another exclusive it won’t be as good as Crackdown 3 coming in February 2019 or Halo: Infinite. So I guess the winner is PS4?


It actually doesn’t matter either way as Sony already nearly smashed Microsoft into the ground and will just keep on smashing it till its grave once Spiderman comes on September 7th 2018. But that doesn’t matter as the games announced at E3 for Xbox will truly dominate 2019 compared to Sony’s announcements.


Sony may have Xecuted Xbox in 2018 but we have to see this as a victory in battle not the end of the war. Microsoft will be back and have already set their sights on 2019. Xbox will be treating us to Halo: Infinite and Crackdown 3. Only time will tell how Sony react.




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