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May Half Term - If you’re not playing Fortnite you could…

May 19, 2018


 There’s nothing wrong with wanting a victory royale or desperately searching for Lamas but this May half-term try putting down the controllers: there is much more you could be doing in Oxford this half term.


From exploring the history you know is there but basically ignore, to playing sports at the Black Bird leys leisure centre, there is something for everyone in our city. Even if you just want a rest, there are some great new films at the cinema.


Shopaholics unite!


For those of you that love to shop until you drop, you can browse and spend at the new Westgate centre. There you will be able to shop to your heart’s content, it has everything from clothes shops to restaurants but be aware: the price might bite. Westgate is probably only for those with plenty of pocket money. If you’re more into value and getting plenty for your money the trusty Cowley Centre is probably for you.


History you never knew existed (or just walk past)…


If History’s your thing, there’s lots to discover in Oxford and plenty of places to find it. Go to the Pit Rivers to find weird and wacky things like dinosaurs and shrunken heads. Alternatively, The Ashmolean’s collection is hard to beat: it has everything from Egyptian mummies to Guy Fawkes’ Lantern. A walking tour is also an option if you’d like to know the history of the things you walk past in town.


Play at being a tourist


If your dream holiday involves seeing the sights be sure to grab your giant backpack and camera because there’s a lot to see and do: don’t worry that this is your home town! There’s a variety of touristy activities and things to do, from siting on a boat while someone pokes a metal stick in the water making you go (punting), to going to the local pub (lemonade only!!). However, if that is not for you, you could walk around a castle or sit on your bottom for a delightful roof-top bus ride.


Feeling active?


If you feel like you want to lose those last few pounds (you said you were going to lose at New Year’s “But never got around to it”) then the Blackbird Leys Leisure centre is the place for you. With a new pool that suites all ages, and lots of sport and fitness classes it can satisfy all your energetic needs. In the unlikely event that it is sunny, Hinksey outdoor pool is the place to be: don’t forget your armbands if venturing beyond the shallow end is a bit of a challenge.


Just want to sit around?


If you’re like me and just want to sit around all day to recover from the term there’s is still hope for you. Swap your darkened forntnite room for a bigger and better screen at the movies. There are many cinemas in oxford and lots of new films for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a thrill to be had with Avengers: Infinity War and if you want some comedy you should go to see Deadpool 2, but only for 18+ and people that can fit in those tourist’s bags.

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