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Discount chargers - Worth the money?

May 15, 2018



It’s tempting when cheap charging cables are at the top of your search to click on the cheapest and not worry too much about if it will last or get lost. But value might be the least of your worries if the chargers damage your device or prove a safety risk.


For most devices, cable prices range from £1 to £20.  Everyone understands you really don’t want to be purchasing the most premium cables if you can get one that does the same job for a fraction of the price. We all want cables that do their job, without breaking the bank.


However, cheaper cables can have serious effects on your mobile phones. Cheaper cables are usually produced using cheaper materials and are less likely to include components that will help improve the safety, after all the less components the cheaper it gets.


A common misconception is that cheap cables cause no harm to your phone. We think cheap cables only break quicker so they’re cheap. Sometimes this is true but not always and those exceptions can lead to expensive damage. You could buy a large quantity of chargers at extremely low prices and so replace them for next to nothing. That won’t seem like such a great deal if you end up permanent damage to your phone and an expensive bill.


Cheap cables reduce battery life drastically. Not only do they damage the Lithium battery in your phones, this damage causes your phones to glitch.


Always buy certified chargers. Expensive, maybe but worth it. Real chargers will be approved by your phones manufacturer and guaranteed not to cause damage. Using cheaper cables doesn’t leave temporary affects, the damage is permanent.


If it’s cheap, it’s usually too good to be true. The repairs will cost you more than a certified charger. Invest in a certified charger and you won’t have to pay out for an expensive battery replacement.   






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