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Is CGI Overused?

Is CGI Overused?


By Adrian, Zebedee and Gary





A current debate in the movie industry is the use of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). The argument goes something like this: CGI, or CG for short, is being very much overused in recent film. However, on the other side of the wall many people think that often CGI can help us to be immersed in the film we are watching, and is sometimes necessary to create amazing shots or scenes in movies. In some cases the whole movie needs CGI to make the characters, places, or the set. Even though CGI helps us enter an amazing fantasy world many say that rushed CGI can ruin an otherwise great movie. For example “HULK” (2003) had an incredible plot line, but suffered hard as the hulk looked awful and very unrealistic. In fact it was so bad that a lot of people would say that it ruined the entire movie.


There are, however, many cases where CGI is used expertly in movies. Such as… Jurassic park (1993) which blended animatronic, still dinosaurs, and computed full shot running dinosaurs in perfect balance with each other. Another more recent example would be Doctor Strange (2016) which had realistic CGI that blended perfectly into the film.


On the other hand CGI seems overused as too much may make it seem impossible to enter the world. But too little can make it too realistic and kill the urge to enter the world and lose the interest of the viewers. An example of too much CGI used in a movie is Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise (2007-2017). A much hated franchise by many fans of Transformers.


Some of the gripes fans had with the movies were a bad plotline, boring characters, but most of all the bad CGI is what ruined the films for most people. When making a movie that relies so hard on CG it fails deliver on the realism. But when making a movie that barely relies on CG it sometimes, based on the plot, fails to deliver that fantasy world.


But different genres need a different amount of CGI. For example action movies need quite a bit (enough to engage the audience) of CGI whereas romance movies don’t need CGI at all but can use a little and etc…For example Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2(2017) needed a lot of CGI as its shots and scenes were in space and futuristic areas. In films like this a lot of CG is necessary and since it looks amazing the film got a lot of praise.


 Another example would be the horror movie IT (2017), the rebooted film of the original Stephen King which came out in 1990. This adaptation of the classic horror used exceptional CGI which enhanced the horror factor.


Now we have some opinions from some Oxford Spires Academy pupils about CGI in film:

“Comparing CGI with the past and future is a lot better but it doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s nice anyway.”-Mikey


“Films have deep universes that CGI creates. It can expand deeper into a story. For example in Frozen, Elsa wouldn’t be able to create that Ice palace out of nowhere without CGI.”-Daisy

“It is good when not overused, but it is great when used professionally and also when it makes the movie better”-Gianluca


“I think it is a good idea and we will see it a lot more in the future”-Sami

“As long as it looks realistic”-Harry


The point is that as long as the CGI blends in with reality it’ll look good and succeed in pleasing the audience. But too much CGI or rushed/bad CGI can ruin an otherwise great movie, but too little can make the movie seem too real and ruin the sci-fi or fantasy world the movie has built.


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