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Is Artificial Intelligence a real threat?

March 15, 2018

Robots or AI are now more frequently seen than ever in our everyday lives: used for conversation, communication (and possible spying) but is the robot threat real or just over reaction?


In movies and video games we are shown that robots are a force of evil and should be feared; however, the introduction of products such as the amazon echo and the google home are challenging the idea that AI is bad. The products, released in late 2017 are perfectly obedient, helpful and possess no known malicious of dangerous qualities. The AI also abide to the three robot ethics:


1 a robot must never harm or take part in an event that may cause a human harm

2 a robot must always obey orders except when those orders conflict with the first ethic

3 a robot must protect its existence except when this may conflict with the first and second ethics.


The products also obey the later added 0th law that they will never harm humanity or indirectly allow humanity to come to harm as well as a singular human.


On the subject of the robot ethics, although the laws aren’t official (as they originate from a science fiction book), they are widely considered to be pivotal in not allowing the extinction of the human race at the hands of robots. Thanks to these guidelines in programming robots, it is impossible that a robot invasion could be triggered accidentally and whilst someone could try and programme these properties into a robot on purpose, the robot would never be allowed to be mass produced and one rogue robot is hardly a catastrophic threat to the human race.


Despite this, saying that robots could never be a threat is wrong. Robots, yes, are stupid before programmed but after programmed in the right way, could be more intelligent than their creators. This is even more evident because in this age people are becoming even more dependent upon tech. People are relying on these products such as amazon echo and google home. They no longer need to memorize phone numbers and they have even lost the ability to sit still. Many require their phones to keep them occupied all day.


As previously stated, the AI is dependent on good programming but if one human can programme a super intelligent piece of technology, another human should be perfectly able to hack into that same gadget. This is happening no



w with the recent laughing amazon echoes. We are learning just as much about our technological prospects from the science fiction books of the past as we were from studies today, a tech takeover is plausible as posed by Stephen Hawking himself: “Humans, who are limited by a slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded”(by AI).


 A genuine AI threat also has the capacity to destroy the human race as a robot is perfect in every way and efficient, more so than their human creators.

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