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Nintendo Switch Review - Sami

November 22, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is the latest addition to Nintendo’s line up, a portable hybrid console that can be taken on the go! Its launch comes after the failure of its predecessor (The Wii U) decreased Nintendo’s stock market value and online presence. The Wii U started off as a successful console; however, 4 months since launch it began to drop in sales. The failure stemmed from the way Nintendo marketed the console and ran its advertisements. Nintendo had advertised the Wii U almost as if it were an additional accessory to the Nintendo Wii. The name ‘Wii U’ had many people confused on whether it was a brand new console or just an add-on for the Wii.

Almost 4 years later, Nintendo released their new hybrid console: the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a brilliant console. It functions well and has a great line-up of games (something that the Wii U was greatly lacking): Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Snipperclips, 1-2 Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. The graphics in portable mode are 720p HD and once docked into its station the Nintendo Switch’s graphics are bumped up to a full 1080p.




I have owned a neon Nintendo Switch for the last couple of months and it’s been a wonderful treat. Alongside the Nintendo Switch, I had purchased Splatoon 2 a great paint balling online game. I treasure the Nintendo Switch and love how Nintendo thought of creative this innovative console. It allows me to game on the go and with its multi-player function wishing long boring journeys to pass more quickly is a distant memory! I only wish it had come earlier. When I get home I can plug it in to the TV and continue playing from hand-held mode.

I could have chosen a PS4/PS4 PRO or an Xbox One/Xbox Scorpio/ Xbox One S, but I felt like these consoles lacked an original design, and it seems as if the Sony and Microsoft consoles are being recreated again and again without any development beyond better specs. The Nintendo Switch is an improvement in the companies hardware offering and is matched by the fantastic software in the exclusive games.

The Nintendo Switch is a very pricey console for what it does, prices starting from £275.00 brand new. The Switch lacks online features such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon and streaming services which is a major limitation. The Nintendo Switch interface looks kind of out-dated, although I do appreciate how Nintendo have kept it simple and minimalistic.
The Nintendo Switch’s EShop (Online downloadable content store) has a handful of games available to buy and a couple of free demos. The Nintendo Eshop’s service works well, however the interface and design needs a re-make and redesign.

User interface- 4/5 Design- 5/5
Game Line-up (So far) – 5/5 Graphics- 4/5
Functionality - 5/5 Online services- 4/5

Nintendo seem to be listening to their audience so far, so I’m sure that they will eventually
make adaptations and changing as they have already began to address issues and glitches.
The Nintendo Switch is a great console, I would recommend it to anybody; however, before
critiquing it and reviewing the console, we must remember that the Switch has only been
out for 7 months. It still has time to develop and Nintendo have a couple of years to address
these minor issues before we can expect a brand new console. Perhaps it’ll be a Switch X, Xl
or Switch 2. Who knows?

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