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23 Hours Preview

November 8, 2017


To most of us, it was as if the world had just ended. Most of us didn't know what the hell was going on. Rumours spread. Some said a prisoner had gone rogue, or a fire had started in the canteen. Some even spoke of a warden who had grown tired of the isolation and released a prisoner for entertainment purposes. Whatever had happened the entire prison in meltdown. Wardens were all over the place, prisoners running around and the computers had gone crazy, they certainly had a lot of work to do.  Shortly after, the fire sirens started, along with the breakout and swimming pool alarm with it. All this caused an enormous amount of noise, the dome rang and the sound was deafening.  

No warden was worried about escapes. Yes, they had their work cut out chasing inmates, but who`s going to escape from a prison on the moon?

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