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Sam's Dunkirk and Baby Driver Movie Review

October 11, 2017

Sam’s Movie Review


Welcome back to another school year! With another year comes another Spires Scoop mag! With another Spires Scoop mag comes another round of SMR!!! We’ll be looking at films from the past, present and (Back To The) Future! We’ve got a lot of great summer scorchers to unpick so let’s get started with:







Christopher Nolan has done it again, making one of his greatest works of art. Dunkirk is about trapped British soldiers in WW2, trying to get off the French beach of Dunkirk, back to England, as the German’s are surrounding them. Now, this film doesn’t (metaphorically) have any characters. The Story does that for us. Nolan makes us feel like the story is really all we need. The characters are great, don’t get me wrong, but he really focuses on the plot, the characters really only moving the story along. Unlike ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Dunkirk is all about the event, not a few people who saved it. This kind of storytelling is what Chris Nolan does best, acknowledging the past of Britain and giving us a movie that not only tells us that story, but tells it in an unconventional way, so much so that the audience will walk out either thrilled, or feeling rather ill (I know my family did!). The acting is fully fleshed out, with Harry Styles a great addition to the cast. Mark Rylance shines as Mr. Dawson, a fisherman sent out to rescue the soldiers. His acting really portrays the desperateness of what was happening. He went into war risking his life to save some soldiers. Every emotion he has pulls you into his point of view. If he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for that well, there’s something wrong with the world. This is a great tale of British heroism a true story reminding us that in desperate times of need, we will unite as a country and help our fellow Briton. The only criticism I have for it is that because of the overlapping story lines, a lot of people were left confused wondering what they were watching had happened before or was a brand new event. But I think the strong plot makes up for this most of the time.






This is a masterpiece… flat out. Edgar Wright (Director of Shaun of the Dead) created this action film so revolved around music that in some ways it is practically a musical. It’s kinda like after you watch a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie in the cinemas and as you’re driving home, when a really good song comes in on the radio and YOU ARE in a movie, you’re going ‘Du du du du du’ and then police are pulling you over and you start crying ‘cause cops intimidate you… well maybe not like that. Every single heist scene is choreographed to music. Instead of a normal timer, Baby uses his songs to time the heists. In the first shot, the gang walk into the bank, as that interesting thing happens, we cut to Baby, who suddenly rocks out to the song. It’s this innocence about him that really separates him from the rest of the crew. Anyway, onto the plot. It is about Baby, a getaway driver who has Tinnitus after a car crash (killing both his parents) when he was a child. He listens to music to drown out the buzzing in his head, but what happens when he wants to leave his old life behind? The only negatives I would say about this film in particular is that the last 1/3 of the film lets us down. Instead of embracing the quirky nature it is in, it goes full action movie on us and keeps the main villain coming back AGAIN AND AGAIN. This pulls us out of the clever piece we fell in love with. It takes away the grounding reality of this heist movie. A stellar cast (including Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx) makes this film not one to miss.


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