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5 Tips on Buying a New computer- Sami

October 11, 2017



1) Never judge a computer by it’s case, just like you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Never judge a computer by it’s modern look, but by it’s components and it’s specs.


2) Computers made by big brands such as Dell, aren’t made to last long. These big retailers have discovered how to make more money and using cheap materials is one of them! I would suggest that purchasing a gaming computer from EBAY will surprisingly last a lot longer, if cared for well.


3) Look at the data. Look at the storage and capacity of your computer, you are looking at around 500GB of storage (minimum) to 1 Terabyte (1000GB) of storage. Also ask the workers on the storage of RAM (Random Access Memory) this is essential especially if you are looking at a decent fast computer. Look for around 8GB of RAM (Minimum) to 12GB of RAM. Most computers with 4GB of RAM are pretty slow and outdated, it’s most likely that the rest of the components will be outdated too. DO NOT BUY A PC WITH 2GB, YES IT MAY BE CHEAP, BUT IT WON’T PERFORM WELL.


4) Look at the CPU. The CPU stands for the Control Processing unit, this is where all the magic happens! Look for a CPU with at least 2.5GHZ (Minimum) to 3.5GHZ/4GHZ. Purchasing a PC with a good CPU is essential, as if the CPU is out-dated than you’re pc will run at a terrible speed. Stay away from the Intel Pentium range as they are out-dated processors, stick to Intel and AMD. For high performance pick a computer with Intel i5 or i7, Intel i3 is out-dated. With AMD stick with the RADEON range, or if you would like to compete in E-sports in the future (competitive gaming, watched by fans) Than I would recommend the AMD Ryzen, the newest AMD processor and superior by far.


5) Anti-Virus. Most users complain that there computer has received viruses in the first week of using their computer, they contact the computer manufacture not knowing that the buyer is at fault for not installing and Anti-Virus software. I would recommend installing NORTON or Kapersky. If you are with Barclays's bank then you can claim your free download of Kapersky, it’s worth claiming if you are with the Bank.





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