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2019 Gaming looks interesting, here's why!

So far, if you have read my previous article about PS4 beating Xbox in 2018, then you know that I talked about some games coming soon, more specifically in 2019. Some time has passed, and now we know about more games coming- both exclusives and standard releases. Whether they are remakes/remasters, new IPs or successful sequels, each game will get recognition by some fans. Here are some games that caught our eyes: The Last of Us Part 2 This game is the sequel to the 2013 masterpiece which used to be the number one game until God of War came out this year. Its predecessor had a great story about the world falling under a fungi that takes control of your brain and rots your outsides. The comba

Join Florence Park FC

What is it? Florence Park FC is a local football team that desperately need better players and tactics. Unfortunately, I am only writing about under 12s. This means that only year sevens can join, but there are still other teams such as under 13s, under 14s, the list goes on. Where is it? You can join this team by coming to Oxford Academy School on a Tuesday evening. Usually, training is 6 until 7, so come at that time and you will be allowed to take part in training. We always train on the 3G pitch, which is through the main building, carry on through the double doors and walk down the path. After that, go down the hill and walk through the gates. We play matches on Sundays but you will fin

Actual records-the truth about animals.

What if I told you that you have been lied to for all your life? You probably have all been told that the great peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on the planet. But what if I told you that it technically is not the fastest but that its record is actually just for it falling out of the air. So you could just drop a brick and you could break the record without a real problem. But the real record breaker is the swift which can power itself to speeds of 111.6 KMH with its own power (not gravity). Also what is the longest jumping animal? Of course it is the kangaroo. Well no. It is actually the snow leopard which can jump up to 17 metres far compared to the kangaroos puny 15 metres. But obviou

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