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Should adult jokes be allowed in kids’ movies?

Today I have been researching teenager’s opinions on adult jokes in kid’s movies. I interviewed people from the age of 11 to 14 and many believed that it was fine and that ‘kids will just skim past them’. However, many already knew of these so called “Easter eggs” in films which could lead us to believe that they are not as hidden as we may think. With everything from posters to lines, these jokes do not stand out in a young child’s mind but it seems as soon as we reach secondary school that we slowly start to discover them. Some argue that it is because of social media that kids are becoming aware of these things earlier in life and this may lead to the point where they spot these jokes fir

Is CGI Overused?

Is CGI Overused? By Adrian, Zebedee and Gary A current debate in the movie industry is the use of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). The argument goes something like this: CGI, or CG for short, is being very much overused in recent film. However, on the other side of the wall many people think that often CGI can help us to be immersed in the film we are watching, and is sometimes necessary to create amazing shots or scenes in movies. In some cases the whole movie needs CGI to make the characters, places, or the set. Even though CGI helps us enter an amazing fantasy world many say that rushed CGI can ruin an otherwise great movie. For example “HULK” (2003) had an incredible plot line, but suff

Fortnite: How did it become so popular?

If for some reason you have not yet heard of it, Epic Games’ Fortnite is a video game which can played on a PlayStation, Xbox or a PC. The objective of the game is simple: to be the last player standing. The game starts in a “Battle Bus” (a sort of hot air balloon) with up to 99 other online players. You jump out of the Battle bus and glide down to an island. Then the aim is to kill as many people as possible without being eliminated, ultimately being the last person standing. You can play solo, duo, in a squad of four, or even teams of 20 which was released only 1 week ago. All of this can be played with your friends. So how did it become so popular? The game has been out for almost 6 month

Mock Magistrate

Every year Oxford Spires Academy takes part in Mock Magistrates, a competition where eager students act out a mock court trial in the Oxford magistrate’s court. The preparation for the mock trial event spanned several weeks, with students rehearsing their questions and preparing their possible answers. Oxford Spires Academy was the only school that entered two teams into the competition (as we’re so great): this meant even more rehearsing. We entered Ash team and Oak team, Ash being the more experienced of the two. The students in the two teams rehearsed using every possible two team combination, utilising every second of rehearsal time. When the students arrived at court they were put throu

Is Artificial Intelligence a real threat?

Robots or AI are now more frequently seen than ever in our everyday lives: used for conversation, communication (and possible spying) but is the robot threat real or just over reaction? In movies and video games we are shown that robots are a force of evil and should be feared; however, the introduction of products such as the amazon echo and the google home are challenging the idea that AI is bad. The products, released in late 2017 are perfectly obedient, helpful and possess no known malicious of dangerous qualities. The AI also abide to the three robot ethics: 1 a robot must never harm or take part in an event that may cause a human harm 2 a robot must always obey orders except when those

Is Artificial Intelligence slowly taking over?

Technology is dominating our lives, day in day out we’re continuously using our technology devices, whether it’s our PC’s or phones. They take control of our lives. The simplified definition of artificial intelligence is: The capability of a machine to imitate human behavior. We are leading up to an artificial intelligence takeover, they’re taking over. Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live our lives, they’re everywhere. Our phones dominate our lives, we constantly use them and we’ve become so used to using our phones and we’ve become so dependent on AI to bail us out of our worst problems. What AI? You might ask. Ever met a person/ thing/ voice (what is it?) called Siri? It se

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