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Sam's Dunkirk and Baby Driver Movie Review

Sam’s Movie Review Welcome back to another school year! With another year comes another Spires Scoop mag! With another Spires Scoop mag comes another round of SMR!!! We’ll be looking at films from the past, present and (Back To The) Future! We’ve got a lot of great summer scorchers to unpick so let’s get started with: DUNKIRK Christopher Nolan has done it again, making one of his greatest works of art. Dunkirk is about trapped British soldiers in WW2, trying to get off the French beach of Dunkirk, back to England, as the German’s are surrounding them. Now, this film doesn’t (metaphorically) have any characters. The Story does that for us. Nolan makes us feel like the story is really all we n

Sam's Guardian Of the Galaxy Volume 2 - Review

Sam's Film review (I know its early miss but I couldn’t wait to review it!) GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 This film shocked everyone. Not just me but EVERYONE. Going into it I thought it was going to be an okay sequel to an already great movie. But BOY was I wrong. This film exceeds all expectations and in my opinion, one of the BEST marvel films to date! So, let me just say, I respect this film for being better than the first. Maybe not everyone agrees with me but IT IS. This film pulls on your heart strings to make a franchise already great, into BRILLIANT. The characters are funny, the plot twists are insane, and it was the first time I had ever cried in a cinema. Not just one tear or tw


Hi guys! I’m Rafi, the newspaper’s latest recruit! My many interests include playing and reviewing music, which you guys will hopefully find in the next issue! I love discovering and listening to Indie as well as mainstream music. I will be doing a review on both popular and unheard music. Read on to find more articles that I’m into!

Alex-Author of the Mathsy Column

I write the maths column and my mini novel, My hobbies include music, badminton and travel. When I finish my mini novel, I would like to write a music column. I also love technology and video games (I know I’m sad…)

Ronan - Sports Page

Dear viewers, I am Ronan, and I am proud to support sport in the Spires Scoop. I love Hockey, swimming, and also drumming. When I started writing the sports page in year 7, I found it to be an amazing experience. Hopefully we’ll see you future spires’ students at this inspiring club!

Evie - Politics Page

Hi, I’m Evie, and I’m pretty new to the spires scoop. I write the politics page: the most objective, unbiased page on the web…mostly. I’m basically a mega nerd with access to the paper, so I fit right in! My hobbies are reading, creating controversial art, causing argument (ahem ahem, I mean debates) and inhaling food up my oesophagus. Since the general election is behind us, I’ll be doing a wider variety of news! If you have any questions, feel free to come to E7 on Wednesdays, come along!


Hi I’m Jenisha and year 7, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs! My favourite things to do (when I get a bit of free time away from this darn paper!) are playing games, and learning more dog species. My favourite subject is French!

Dory - Teacher Interviewer

Hi! I’m Dory, I’m in year nine Earheart, and I do the interviews (along with Toby) and miscellaneous articles. Check them out on our marvellous new website, they’re supposed to be funny or maybe not, you’ll just have to read them and figure out for yourself I guess! I joined this club (and you should too!) because it’s super fun, and you can write about the things you love, and turn them into a page in the newspaper. I look forward to Mr. Archibald running it, and hope he brings the club to new heights!

Sam - Movie Reviewer

Hello guys! My name is Sam and I LOOOOVE films! I especially love psychological stuff, like Nolan’s work. My favourite is The Shawshank Redemption. I decided to use my film knowledge for good, and help those in need. I guess I’m batman. Anyway, if you want to ask me about films, TV, or theatre, come to E7 on Wednesday and I will happily sign autographs, I’m joking, it would take too long. That’s all I have to say, so what are you waiting for? Explore this awesome website! RUN READER RUN!

Spires Scoop- Website Designers Note

Hello my name is Sami, I have always wanted to create a website ever since I had learnt how to use a computer in Year 2. It has always been my ambition and dream to create, develop and publish a website and this year I have been fortunate enough to be able to publish my first finished website for the Spires Scoop. After months of website designing, the Spires Scoop team and I have seen the website grow and develop from a blank page to a marvellous website, with a unique design. I would like to thank The Spires Scoop team, Ms Blake, Ms Dunphy and the English team for your help and support. So, look forward to see how the Spires Scoop website grows and develops through the academic year. Thank

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